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    There are lots of injections used in medicine. These injections do different work and are applied to different patients. We will be focusing on cortisone injection, what it is, how it works, and benefits.

    What is a cortisone injection?

    Cortisone injections are injections used for treating many orthopedic problems, including tendonitis, arthritis, and bursitis. To clear the air, studies show that many people mistake cortisone to be a pain killer. It is not. The injection is just an anti-inflammatory medication, not a painkiller. However, pain often subsides by reducing inflammation. Cortisone is known to be a synthetic version of cortisol. Cortisol is a steroid produced in the adrenal gland and released into the bloodstream in response to easing stress. Cortisone works like cortisol, but it just has a higher strength than cortisol. Side effects of using cortisone tend to be rare and minor. Thus Cortisone injections are very safe to perform.

    How does cortisone injection work?

    Using orthopedic treatment as an example, cortisone is injected directly into a site of inflammation of the patient. Often it is used to treat pain; cortisone is sometimes confused with pain-relieving medications. However, as I said above, cortisone itself is not a pain medication. Instead, cortisone is known to be an anti-inflammatory that works by preventing collagen production in the joints. The misunderstanding between being pain relief arises because inflammation in the body (especially in the joint) comes with the pain itself. So when a medical professional applies cortisone to the inflammatory spot, the patient will feel the pain becoming lesser and will conclude that the injection is a pain reliever. The cortisone injection shuts down collagen-producing cells in the joint or tendon; this action tends to suppress inflammation and calms nerves, which is indirectly reducing pain. Also, it is important to note that cortisone does not actually heal the underlying problem triggering the inflammation. When injected, it begins to work as soon as possible. However, the time frame when patients feel relief varies; some people report gradual pain reduction over a period of days or weeks, while others report immediate relief.

    What are the benefits of cortisone injection?

    Cortisone injection offers quick relief for inflammation in the body. Cortisone works effectively and quickly, which is why they are often used for a short time until other medications kick in or to stop a disease flare in its tracks before it spreads out.

    Safe Use

    When it comes to the usage of cortisone, the longer you take it, the more dependent your body becomes on them. When the body becomes dependent on cortisone, stopping it suddenly can cause withdrawal symptoms, such as severe weakness, fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. Regular usage becomes an addiction even when it is not needed.


    The award winning staff at Downtown Physicians offers Cortico-steroid or “Cortisone” Injection treatments that relieve knee, shoulder & joint pain.

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