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Prolotherapy (aka Regenerative Injection Therapy – RIT), also known as ligament reconstructive therapy or sclerotherapy, is a recognized nonsurgical procedure that stimulates the body’s natural healing processes to strengthen joints weakened by trauma or arthritis. Joints weakened when ligaments and tendons are stretched, torn, or fragmented, become hypermobile and painful. Traditional approaches with anti-inflammatories and surgery often fail to stabilize the joint and relieve pain permanently.

What Is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a procedure where a natural irritant (often a form of sugar called dextrose) is injected into the soft tissue of an injured joint. The irritant kick-starts the body’s healing response. Prolotherapy is not a surgical treatment. Because of this, it is also known as a regenerative joint injection or non-surgical ligament and tendon reconstruction.

Prolotherapy is a Non-Surgical Ligament and Tendon Reconstruction and Regenerative Joint Injection, it is a recognized orthopedic procedure that stimulates the body’s healing processes to strengthen and repair injured and painful joints and connective tissue.

How Does Prolotherapy Work?

Prolotherapy works by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms to lay down new tissue in the weakened area. This is done by a very directed injection to the injury site, “tricking” the body to repair again. The mild inflammatory response which is created by the injection encourages the growth of new, normal ligament or tendon fibers, resulting in a tightening of the weakened structure. Additional treatments repeat this process, allowing a gradual buildup of tissue to restore the original strength to the area.

Conditions Responsive To Prolotherapy

  • ACL Strain
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Arch & heel pain
  • Arthritis of the Hand
  • Cartilage Injury
  • Elbow Pain
  • Foot Pain
  • Headaches
  • Knee Pain
  • Low back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Sacroiliac Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Tennis Elbows
  • TMJ Pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Wrist Pain


1. What should I make sure to do before and after treatment?

  • It is important to eat healthy, consuming a well balanced diet including correct amounts of fruits, vegetables, amino acids and antioxidants
  • Mild exercise is ok and encouraged, not heavy weight lifting, but low weight, higher repetition exercise is useful and can stimulate recovery in the injured areas.
  • Getting healthy amounts of sleep, at least 8 hours, allows the body to recover and heal itself. The importance of the correct amounts of sleep can not be overstated.
  • Massage therapy can be useful in relieving any post-treatment pain and is safe to receive.
  • Applying heat to the area receiving treatment can assist the body in healing as well.

2. What should I make sure to NOT do before and after treatment?

  • Taking any anti-inflammatory pain-relieving medicine like aspirin or aleve should be avoided both before and after the treatment. (appropriate amounts of non anti-inflammatory medication can be taken post-treatment, with approval of your physician)
  • Smoking, at any time, is not good for your health, and during times of recovery, it is even more important to avoid. 
  • The same goes for diet, it is vital to attempt to maintain a healthy diet, avoiding excessive sugar, salt, and trans fat.
  • Ice and cold therapy should be avoided post-treatment as well since the body will be stimulated into a mild inflammatory response, and cold therapy reduces inflammation which will be counterproductive.

3. Is prolotherapy safe?

Firstly, it should be mentioned that prolotherapy is far safer than self-diagnosing and taking anti-inflammatory pain medication for extended periods of time. The procedure is safe, and our clinic, which is a prolotherapy treatment specialist in NYC, can provide proper guidance based on the area being treated in the pre and post-treatment stages.

4. How many prolotherapy treatments do I need?

This depends on age and overall health, but typically 6 sessions spaced out every 4-6 weeks is sufficient. Some younger patients receiving treatment immediately after an injury can only require 1-2 treatments.

5. Will I feel pain after the treatment?

Prolotherapy typically provides relief immediately after treatment and lasts for a few weeks. In between treatments some pain might return while the body is healing but will again be reduced with each treatment. In the New York City area, we help guide our patients in the treatment period.

6. Will my insurance cover prolotherapy?

Generally, no, insurance including Medicare will not cover prolotherapy. However, when compared to other, less permanent treatments, prolotherapy is very cost-effective, often being cheaper than MRI scans or x-rays. 

7. What is in the Prolotherapy solution?

The solution is made of a combination of liquids that are conducive to the healing of ligaments and tissue. The base can be made of dextrose, saline, sarapin, and procaine or lidocaine.

8. Can prolotherapy help everyone?

A qualified and experienced medical professional needs to first evaluate each patient based on over health and nutrition, history of injury and underlying deficiencies. Pending this examination, the qualifying patients often have a high improvement rate.

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