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Head Pain in Downtown Brooklyn & Lower Manhattan

Head pain is a very common health issue that most people experience it at some point in their life. Different factors can lead to headaches, such as emotional, medical, environmental, and physical. Emotional factors can include stress, depression, or anxiety, medical factors include high blood pressure or a migraine, physical factors include an injury, while environmental factors include the weather.

A headache can affect any area of the head, while pain might be present in either one or several locations. A headache can lead to different types of pain and your doctor will need to classify that pain to diagnose the condition. A doctor can categorize headaches based on whether there is an underlying health condition that leads to the pain.

Head pain can be divided into primary and secondary head pain. Primary head pain is not caused by an underlying condition. It is head pain that might occur due to overactivity of the nerves, the muscles, blood vessels, specific areas of the brain, or brain chemicals. Some common types of primary head pain include tension headaches and cluster headaches. Some headaches can result due to using medication for pain too often. In such cases, a person can develop overuse head pain, which is another type of primary headache.

Secondary head pain is caused by an underlying medical condition, such as a stroke, a brain tumor, hypothyroidism, pregnancy, systemic conditions, such as an infection or giant cell arteritis. Secondary head pain can be a result of a severe underlying condition. You must speak to a doctor in cases where this pain is persistent when the pain is severe and disruptive when it occurs regularly and doesn’t get better despite medication.

How is head pain treated?

There are different options for treating head pain, depending on what causes it. It is firstly important to rest and help manage the pain with the use of pain-relievers. In the beginning stages, it is important to try over-the-counter pain relievers, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If such drugs don’t help, it might be necessary to get prescription pain relief medications. There is also preventive medication that can help in cases of specific conditions, such as migraine. If underlying conditions lead to head pain, it might be necessary to get other treatments. For example, if overuse headaches cause head pain, it is important to reduce and stop the medication. A doctor can show you how to ease off of the medication that is causing your pain easily. In some extreme cases, you might need to stay in a hospital shortly, as this can make sure that you’re going through the withdrawal effectively and safely.

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There are also a lot of alternative treatment options for head pain. You must speak to a doctor before making any changes in your lifestyle or beginning an alternative treatment. Some of such alternative treatment options include hypnosis, acupuncture, herbal and nutritional health products, cognitive behavioral therapy, and meditation.

Some research shows that head pain might be caused by low levels of magnesium and vitamin D. Although it is not conclusive evidence, it can be helpful to take 400-500 milligrams of magnesium oxide every day, as this can help to prevent head pain. A nutrient deficiency can lead to malabsorption issues and can cause further medical conditions.

Some strategies that you can try at home include a heat or ice pack, however, it is important that you avoid extreme temperatures and never apply that ice directly to the skin. It is also important that you avoid stressors, if possible, as finding out healthful coping strategies can help you to better deal with unavoidable stress. Eating meals regularly can take care of your blood sugar levels. Whenever you’re working, you must take frequent breaks, so that you can stretch and prevent eye strain. You must eat healthily and exercise regularly, as this can also lower stress and can boost your overall health. Last but not least, it is important to get plenty of sleep.

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What can head pain lead to?

Head pain can present itself through different kinds of symptoms, such as a sharp, dull or throbbing pain, it can affect one side or both sides of the heat, it can come suddenly or can come gradually, can last from less than an hour and up to a couple of days, can radiate from a central point and can have a vise-like quality.

To diagnose your head pain, your doctor will ask you about your symptoms, about what type of pain you suffer from, as well as in what pattern and at what timing. To be able to rule out a more severe cause of head pain, your doctor might also perform a CT scan or an MRI scan or might need to take blood samples for testing.

Head pain is a very common issue that a lot of people worldwide suffer from. There are different types of head pain and there are also different causes of it, as well as different symptoms it can lead to. In most cases, people will experience more than one type of head pain. Whenever you suffer from head pain that doesn’t seem to go away, that is severe and doesn’t get better despite you using a pain-relieving medication, it is important to speak to a doctor about it.

Your doctor will ask you about the severity of your symptoms, how often you suffer from them and what you believe might be causing them. There are different ways of managing head pain, but treatment will depend on the cause of the head pain. In most cases, non-invasive treatment options are sufficient, unless there is a serious underlying condition causing it, such as a brain tumor. Although not all types of head pain can be prevented, there are some important lifestyle choices which you can make that can help you feel and live more healthily. This includes getting plenty of sleep, following a healthy diet, and exercising regularly. Although not all types of stress can be avoided, it is important to find a way of coping with them.

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